Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Hug 2009!!!

7 hours more to go and we will be embracing the Year of the Ox!!! Woohooo! Speaking of New Year, new inspiration has come my way and I'm really glad that our roads crossed...we are actually texting while making this K.P., you made my pre-NEW YEAR most INCREDIBLE!!!

Before I post my Resolution, I just want to post my New Year's Wish...

My New Year's Wish:
  • To have long life (to all)
  • To have good health (to all)
  • To graduate this March
My New Year's Resolution:
  • To minimize drinking liquor (Wahehehehe!)
  • To be the BEST that I can be
  • To be the BEST
BTW, my Birthday is almost coming...I'll be posting my Birthday Wish in my next entry...hehehe!


xar_asbir said...

wow.. nice one, at least you have a goal for this year.. check out mine too

rabsin_d said...