Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey! I'm back... I really miss this blogging thingy...wahehehe! As if I don't update this like almost everyday...Wahehehe! I just miss this because I have a lot of writing to do.

Hmmm...? What do I write first...? Okay, let's start before I arrived home...

Early afternoon, I had my dance sport lesson...and it was really cOoL!!! I can't wait for my turn to compete...Our practice ended at 4pm and I went to SUMC (Silliman University Medical Center) to visit a friend, Tang2x, she had this disorder in her bartholin's glad because of the wrong direction of shaving of PB (public hairs)...Wahehehe! She just had her operation because it already has pus...Eeeeeeeeew! Wahehehehe! Poor Tang2x...but she's fine now...everyone is expecting her to leave the hospital tomorow.

BTW, I just posted last time that I have a new crush right..? Well, now...I have her number...and we are texting (nonestop)...Wahehehe! BTW, friends call her K.P. She is really curious about me because I kept myself anonymous...However, I think she knows who I am...I mean she just texted me and she said "I think I knw hu u r..." Well, I just hope she won't avoid me or something...

I just can't wait to tell her how I feel...but I think I already gave her some signs...LOL
What I mean is...I can't wait to tell her that Mr. Anonymous is me :)

GREAT! This is working fine...(I just hope it end fine too) From 'The Voice' to K.P. (with cell number pa) Wahehehehe!

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