Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad Morning!

Damn! I woke up super late for my first class because I had my own movie marathon last night. I was watching "The Love of Siam" and it was really intriguing...I was searching the movie's synopsis but all I can find are the rumors and the issues if the movie was purely a gay movie or not...Well, obviously it was a gay movie, but the movie has more than that. For me, it was partly LOVE, and more of FRIENDSHIP.

Mew and Tong are childhood neighbors, and they got close when Tong's parents left him to find his sister who didn't came back after going to a forest with her friends.

After the unsuccessful search of Tong's parents for his sister, they have decided to move. It was a sudden break up of their friendship.

After how many years, Tong's family came back (without the sister of course), while Mew was very busy with his band. Mew and Tong were given the chance to meet in the city...and everything came back (Friendship) with sugar coat feelings (LOVE)!

(This was where I really got confused and unsure of the movies meaning...Hehehe!)

All the twist came along, including the shocking kissing scene...
It was definitely love at the wrong time...but after finishing the movie, I realized that it was really more on their pure and everlasting friendship...

I suggest you guys watch this movie, not because it has a lot of issues, but because it is an eye-opener of so many will realize it after watching the movie...PRAMIZ!

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