Thursday, November 6, 2008

49 Days Before Christmas!

I really don't know what to write right now. Hmmmp..?

Well, by now, I still don't feel the Christmas Spirit in our Town! Not like before...we usually see lanterns and Christmas Decorations by this time already...

Anyhow, I actually have a lot of things to the fight in our 'Barkada', or my night life, or even my s*x life...wahehehe! However, my mind is kind of mixed up right a scribbled knots of endless string...Even my words are misused already...Grrr!

It's now 11 pm. and I am still confused if I'll sleep or not..? My father is still awake and he is watching something on Star Movies.


Something just popped out in my mind...I remembered, I still have not posted any entry about the new person in our Home! Yes, there is someone new in our family!

His name is Ervie Nobleplaza, and he is a student of my mother in St. Paul University, Dumaguete, taking up Business Administration. He amazes me in many ways. A good cook. A diligent student. A hardworking employee.

He is way better than me in so many things...My mother is sponsoring his schooling because she knows that the money will be in good use...and I think my mother can reflect herself on Ervie!

Even I can see mother in him...all the struggles and the pain my mom encountered during her life...until now.

I will never forget the story of my mom when she left their house because her parents won't allow her to study...and she eagerly wants to study. So, she travelled from La Libertad to Dumaguete, a 3-4 hours travel by bus...and take note she was purely walking! YES! WALKING! I would rather have my catatonic moments than to walk that far (I really love that word, catatonic moment). She looked for a job just to compensate her tuition fee. She was a working student at the Silliman University Library while cleaning a popular doctor's house (before) in order to finish studies. After all her hard work, outstandingly, she finished her Business Administration with flying colors.

She was really determined...and I am very proud of my mother!


Anonymous said...

saludo kos imong mom bro!
naa diay gi sponsoran imo mom?
cge bro tc!

rabsin_d said...

Yup3! Feeling da2 aku mama sa..?