Friday, October 3, 2008

Hyper Active

I can't wait for this Saturday to come. We will be having a party in San Moritz this Saturday afternoon with an artist who just came from Spain. All his life he traveled in different countries meeting different people. He will be spending everything since this is his personal project. He will be endorsing a new drink (Red Wine + Coke) and we need to critic the drink if its good or not.

I asked for his complete name but he wants it to be anonymous. I'll just post pictures of this Saturday's Activity...peace out

(Thanks for the typographical correction kumagcow)


kumagcow said...

I think that's supposed to be anonymous right? heheh It's a great day today! Please visit my site too at thanks!

rabsin_d said...

Ooops! hehe sorry...update that later..

Josh of Arabia said...

voted na kita bro..and be linking u too :)

gusto ko ring marating ang dumaguete..mkhang masaya dyan.