Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Your Welcome

Last night a friend of mine burst out (his insanity) because his gf was not yet home and has a better 'Night Life' than him. He texted me around 11:30 pm that his gf is not yet home and was most likely about to throw his cellphone.

I told him to stay chill. You know, give your gf a break. You don't control her life because you don'y won her...instead you cab let her realize of the things that needs to be realized. talk to her tomorrow and don't let pride overrun your completeness. I tell you, it won't help any relationship.
It was a relaxing night for me. To be able to help a not so close friend...and on that night, it was the start of another great friendship. Wait...I think I still have his last message:

"Nao lagi. Thnx 4 d advice bro. Now I knw who my true friends are."

After reading the message I hastily replied:

"char! basin busy lng imo mga friends or wala load..always think positive bro...everybody has their just need to listen..ayt!?"
It was a great night indeed...morning!

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