Monday, September 29, 2008

What A Day!

Earlier this morning, I was able to absent my class because of LBM.

Just this afternoon, 'a friend' and I met at STEDS without glances, and talks :(

My Barkada were drinking at Maychen but I was not in the mood of getting drunk...

I went to Bem-bem's house because she needs my comfort...(private matters about school.)

While walking outside Bem-bem's house I stepped on a pile of dog shit...grrr!!! (Stupid Dogs!)

I got sick and tired of longing and waiting for 'a friend' to make the move to get back to normal

I texted 'a friend' about our ILANGAN situation and he undoubtedly denied the problem existed.

We had a good text conversation after.

I hope we'll stay as friend as what we had before...peace out


Maybe one good thing about our ILANGAN is that, I am not eager of finding 'a friend' anymore. Not like before...
I don't even think of 'a friend' often.
Not like before...
And I'm not that miserable everytime we pass each other unoticed.
Not like before...

The only wish I want to come true for now is that we can be friends again...the normal friendship we had during the past 3 months.

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