Friday, September 26, 2008


Sorry for the being busy with my studies lately (and plurk...hahaha!) We have our upcoming Defense this October 29 and we are still unstable with OJT about Live Audio Streaming. We also have our deadline today, for our exercise in Systems Administration (Solaris), to make a tcsh and a bash shell that will ask for a user and if the user exists, it displays all the files found from the user, if not, it displays an error...grrr! The only problem is our teacher do not know how to teach, although she's really GOOD in this field. She just don't know how share her knowledge.

Anyhow, last September 23 was the Birthday of my Father and I totally forgot about it...STUPID ME! I got to busy with studies and friends and I forgot about my family...Sorry Dad :(

Today (September 26) is also the Birthday of our friend, Cookie!


Lastly, about my crush, as what you can read on my previous entry, I told 'a friend' and I let 'a friend' view my blog...(idiot me!) After a couple of days, it's positive, 'a friend' rarely talk to me and we rarely text each other anymore :(

However, the good thing is, inch-by-inch (slowly), my feelings towards 'a friend' is fading. (Yet, I'm not really sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing...)

How about you guys, what do you think? is this GOOD or BAD?


Anonymous said...

hala! bad! kinalimutan ang bday ng tatay! :)

rabsin_d said... bad..peace out

uchiha_girl said...

who is friend??????

rabsin_d said...

@uchiha_girl: Hahaha! someone I had (past) a crush on...