Thursday, September 11, 2008

- - I Never Felt Much Better - -

This happened yesterday, September 10. This is kind of vulgar so if anybody/anyone who knows the story of who my crush is/are, please shut the f*** up..okay..? (Ayoko may mangyaring ilangan pagkatapos kong i-post nito...)

Here it goes:

I know we can't be together (ever). It would be the downfall of humankind if it happens...maybe that's the reason why God made you a friend, aka. 'a friend'.

We fought, yes...but I was the only one making it a BIG deal because I know you are sensitive about this issue and it is my only way of getting and keeping your attention, especially after knowing that you have a crush on someone.

You kept on texting: 'aha nka?..', but I only replied an empty message.

Just earlier I was in a bad mood, but right after you texted me: 'Rick..S0ri nah...'

-- I never felt much better --

It was past 6 in the evening when I texted bem2x: 'frend, aza mow..? dadi kow pagkaon frend...gutom au kow...naa mi CC'........................after a couple of minutes
'a friend' came and gave me food for dinner...I was wondering how'd 'a friend' know that I was hungry...?(It was a heart-melting event)...

Now, I only have one thing to say: Even before you apologized, you were already forgiven...


kaakaams said...

Oi, kinsa ni Rick!? Make chika pud. Hehe. =)

rabsin_d said...

SECRET! hehe...I'm trying to implement DAMAGE CONTROL right now so, just wait...I am just waiting for the issue to lie low..hehe!