Monday, September 15, 2008

From Bad To Good

As what I have written on my previous entry (The entry after this one entitled A Happy Farewell!!!), I was not able to identify if the day (today) was a bad day or the opposite...and one thing more, don't forget to read the enclosed parenthesis. If you were not able to view it, I'll post it here again:

(This is kind of vulgar so if anybody/anyone who knows the story of who my crush is/are, please shut the f*** up..okay..? (Ayoko may mangyaring ilangan pagkatapos kong i-post ito...)

7:30 am
- I arrived to school and my class will start at 8:00 am --> good

8:10 am
- My teacher arrived and directly discussed something I did not understood (I was not listening) --> bad

10:00 am
- End of my first class and the beginning of my next class
- We had an examination where I wasn't sure if I got the answers right --> bad

10:50 am
- I passed my test paper... --> neutral

10:50 - 12:45
- We talked about our upcoming gig this Friday in Le Travelers Cafe every friday from 8:00 - 11:00 pm - good

1:00 pm
- My last class for today...we just had an examination and I was not able to answer anything, and I mean anything - very bad
I was so depressed during this time...I can't imagine myself passing an empty test paper :(
Until my crush arrived aka. 'a friend'. a friend made me laugh often and that was the turning point of my depression...heeheehee! a friend was the only reason why my day became GOOD!

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