Saturday, August 30, 2008

Next Topic

Supposedly, I am about to input my new poetry; however, I lost the paper where I wrote it... :(

So I'll be showing you some pictures during our cheer dance practices since I still don't have the copy of the final presentation:

Here are 3 videos of our dance moves during our practice:

Down Rocks!


Hip Hop!

I will surely miss these moments...I will miss the laughter, the sad times, the SNAKE CRAWL! Lolz! I will surely miss each and everyone...including the one I hate the most...hehehe..peace out!


kaakaams said...

Ka daghan ug pixx oi. Nalibat ko nilantaw. Hehe. =)

rabsin_d said...

Lagi...makalagot au ako souldn't be displayed that way.. HELP!